Power Within

“A Choice”

A life as delicate as the wind,

and pure without a solitary sin.

Enveloped in the palm of my hand,

I hesitate, not sure to reprimand.

This sinless soul set aflame,

not showing a single drop vain.

Dancing lively and free,

the choice remains up to me.

A risk of life or death,

fragile as an angels breath.

Not sure what step to take,

or what I will leave in my wake.

The flame flickering with chance.

Fate is such a daunting dance.

It speaks with an unwavering voice,

giving me my ultimate choice.

My hands tremble with this mighty decision,

I quiet, searching for higher wisdom.

I reach from deep within me where power lies,

forever dormant on the inside.

 I let this strength run free,

released from the cage where I hide it from me.

I shake, I shiver, I cower,

at this undeniably overwhelming power.

I keep it secret from me so,

I do not have to face a power unknown.

Now that I released it from the chains,

I am trepid, no choice but to be afraid.

I whisper through my paralyzing fear.

“what shall I do?” ever so queer.

Before me the power begins to rise,

and there upon its face a sweet smile lies.

There my perturbation slowly falls.

“I have been waiting,” it gently calls.

The wisdom takes the form of me,

I feel this is what it is naturally.

“I am your higher self, or wisdom within,

inside is where I have always been.

You fear because of the deepest truths I bear.

All yours, you dislike looking into the eye of despair.

Don’t be frightened by your strength,

all you need to have in me is faith.”

I notice that this is true,

this power is a piece of me I secretly knew.

I was always strong, but I  concealed it from me.

This is who I am meant to be.

My lips part as I release my dread,

inside I breathe the sapience inbred.

My eyes flutter shut relenting,

because I am no longer afraid of being.

In my ears nothing but a soft heartbeat,

and for the first time my heart and soul meet.

I gradually let myself peek,

I’m bemused as my location is no longer bleak.

There I stand in a beautiful green meadow,

sun so radiant, I no longer wallow.

I abide under a great willow tree,

I sigh as my skin relishes in the warm summer breeze.

The taste of mellifluous bliss lingering on my lips,

out of rapture a giggle I let slip.

Tears of pure felicity jump from my eyes,

feeling as if I could wonderfully fly.

I finally feel perfectly safe,

because I know that my life is what I make.

As I sit, over me washes serene,

because I am now holistically me.

I stay there where I listen,

and I notice that I was never broken.

A fate so clear I couldn’t see,

for all I was ever destined for was to be me.

Sometimes we become terrified of our power within. Truly, we are afraid of the amazing person we have the potential to be. Why are we afraid of being awesome? Well, being you is not perfect. We scare others when we allow ourselves to be true because we don’t see it that often. You won’t fit in. However, you are not a puzzle piece, you are a person. We sacrifice our bliss for a label; popular. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be liked by a humongous amount of people that only see my mask. I want to be truly loved by people who see me for exactly who I am and accept me for me. We put ourselves in boxes because all we see every day are costumes. We never look at real people for who they are internally, we constantly just glance at an external illusion. Everyone puts up walls that shape shift to every person we meet. We never act the same way with two different people because we desire to be liked. However, they are simply meeting your crafty cloak, not you. You are like Harry Potter under that cloak of invisibility and you may not even know it. You have no reason to be because people want to meet you and find out what is behind those walls. Doesn’t it feel so very incredible when you let go and be completely you with a friend or family member. It is so liberating. I feel rapture just thinking about it! Why can’t we feel that utter felicity all the time? Well we can, if we allow ourselves. This is not about anyone else, this is about you. The only responsibility for emotions that you hold is yours. Yes, you might lose friends, but they only liked you for your shroud. You are making room for the true relationships that provide you with pure happiness and freedom. Don’t fear yourself because it is the one thing that will never desert you. Just remember to unlock it from the chains you wrap it in.