Hello Everyone and Welcome!

Hi there, welcome! You might be wondering what I am all about and why I am keeping a public blog verses a personal journal. Well, I want to change the world for better. Yes, I am way in over my head, but that is why I won’t be doing it alone! It hurts me so much that our world consists of fitting into the “perfect mold.” Some are aware of the utter turmoil that is consuming our world, however some relish in it without even knowing that it is destroying them. Well, they ATTEMPT to relish in it! And, the ones who notice the destruction are too afraid to speak out against it. Most are that is! Why do we all have to fit into one image of perfection? What truly is perfection? Perfection is an illusion.  Perfection is constantly changing based on the person who seeks it.

In the Victorian age, the quintessential vision was pale, plump, and sedentary. Today we expect a woman to be skinny, petite, tan, toned, beautiful and looking everything like a Victoria’s Secret model. We expect a man to be tall, strong, handsome, and everything like a Calvin Klein model. A pretty high bar has been set. Or has it? The only person setting the bar for yourself is you. Not your Mom or dad. Not your boyfriend or girlfriend. Not your significant other. Not even the person sitting across from you in school, work or any other social environment! You are the Queen/king of your own castle. In other words, you are the master of your own life. Others can try to fill you with their “words of wisdom” or what is the “right thing”, but you retain the ultimate choice. I lost my voice for many years and I let all the people around me speak for me. I was filled with so much overwhelming trepidation that I forgot that I had a fire inside. Never take your inner flame for granted. Everyone’s is unique and absolutely their own. No one, I repeat NO ONE can take that flame away from you, except yourself. We tend to lock our fire inside ourselves, in the depths of our soul where we don’t have to stare into the eye of it. We do this because we are afraid of it. Our flame bears our deepest truths and our greatest wisdom. We hide away from it because of this perfect mold that we are trying to shove ourselves into. Since each one of our inner wisdoms are diverse then by letting it shine through we won’t be “perfect”. In truth you are. You are perfectly you, whoever and whatever that is. Nothing is more marvelous than someone radiating with their true self; their true flame. I invite you to join me on this journey to love yourself and help others around us do the same. My words are not facts, my words are only what I see for a better world. Everyone’s view is different and I strongly encourage you to stick to who you are. I simply would like to share my insights that I have discovered through my journey and the truths I have to yet unveil. I am filled with excitement for the path ahead. Let’s see what awaits us!

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