Lessons From Monsters

“The Light Demon”

The monster inside me is calling,

but is it a monster at all?

A monster lusts to hurt and kill,

this one doesn’t let me fall.

A light wholly hidden by dark,

with a mask as black as night.

With good intentions in its core,

it speaks, “to thrive I must fight.”

To be vulnerable is to be weak,

I shall cover up with a bare facade.

I require more than simply who I am,

I agree with a frightened nod.

I do not desire to rid this monster,

for it does not need to flee.

As I need this monster to build strength,

my monster desperately needs me.

A being of light so confused,

for all that it is, is lost.

Puzzled beyond irrational,

its fear comes with a cost.

I am not saying it is just,

the actions this monster has done.

Alas, acceptance is all it needs,

to finally let go and become one.

No blame shall be established,

because it will hide away, you see.

By giving this monster acceptance,

you are truly accepting me.

I wrote “The Light Demon” because I was struggling with my own monster. Everyone has a demon that takes a home inside of them. It is not criminal, it is a lesson to be learned. Whether your monster is an eating disorder, smoking, doing drugs, alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, learning difficulties, or any other challenge that one would struggle with, all they are, are teachers. Maybe you have more than one monster that is no longer dormant inside you, that only means that you have more school to complete. We come into this world with our struggles predetermined. Honestly, our monsters help make us who we are. Everyone struggles with a different challenge, even if two peoples’ demons are eating disorders they are not identical. Our difficulties in life create our own very unique path that we have to choose to follow. A lot of our monsters that we encompass have the potential to be detrimental if we yield to them. However, they do not control us, we retain the ultimate power even if it doesn’t seem so at times. You came into life to defeat this demon not relent to it. By giving in you are not learning any lesson, you are only setting yourself up to experience it all again until you embrace the teaching. Now, never blame yourself for slipping into the seductive words of your monster, its power can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, you have the strength to squelch it’s voice by using your inner flame. Who do you think created this demon in the first place. You. Before you entered this journey of life you took a piece of clay and molded it into your challenge. You knew what lesson you needed to learn so you constructed a hurdle to jump over; to gain knowledge from. The only thing we attain by defeating our demon is strength. We discover parts of who we are that nothing else could help you hunt for. Your true self is wrapped in the folds of the plight you invented for yourself. All you need to do is stop being afraid of it. It is easier said than done! Trust me I understand! To conquer this predicament requires all the power you retain. Sure it is so much easier to give in to it, but you will have to look it in the eye again. Our darkness teaches us what the light can’t. We fear our inner dark because it blinds us in a way. It is unknown and what is more terrifying than the unknown! I believe, what is more beautiful than the unknown. When you step into the darkness you behold, the light doesn’t disappear, it becomes brighter. I have mentioned before that darkness is simply a lack of light. Well, your darkness is just a part of yourself that is undiscovered. Your job, your mission in life is to discover that piece of you. No need to be wary of it, embrace and be excited for it. Every bump you hit in the road is solely another present to unwrap inside of you. It is truly incredible and marvelous how life unfolds. I invite you to find out. I am always here to hold your hand along the way. Embrace your unknown pieces because they will lead you to who you are; your destiny.



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