Burning The Past

“The Flower”

A field of grass all burned and black,

I shudder as I glide through.

This place is not the glade it was,

the gorgeous one I once knew.

A raging fire reaped its beauty,

it took all the life there was.

All the glow and glimmer gone,

with no warning or because.

A tear slides down my fallen face,

as the ashes slip through my hands.

How did I allow all the wonder,

to be stripped of all my land.

My home, my life, my soul,

all wrapped up into one,

were burned to nothing but ashes,

now my everything is gone.

I catch a soft, shy whisper,

rising from someplace near,

like a faint breeze in summer,

barely audible to the ear.

The whisper turns to humming.

the humming turns to singing.

My sorrow transforms to joy,

from my eyes the tears are springing.

As I slowly spin to look behind me,,

something marvelous catches my eye;

a small white flower as pure as light,

makes my once broken heart fly.

This flower so small and delicate,

tells a truth that words can’t do;

life is too sacred to ever perish,

even the tiniest life too.

So with this blooming bud,

my hope is now restored.

I smile so wide with jubilee,

so greatly indescribable with words.

My home, my life, my soul,

all wrapped up into one.

Alas, my friends for truly,

they were never even gone.

The only way we can move to the future is to put the past behind us. When you are constantly swimming in the sea of your own mistakes and bad decisions then there will be no room to make new memories. Dwelling on experiences that occurred as your younger and less wise self only results in overwhelming guilt and blame. As I have said before, every mistake is simply an opportunity to learn. If you didn’t get in trouble for stealing in fourth grade then you wouldn’t have figured out that it is a crime. Things that happen in that past are only a part of your journey of discovering you. Try this exercise:

For ten to fifteen minutes straight write down everything that you are holding shame over. No one is reading over your shoulder, put your deepest secrets out on paper. When your time is up, take a minute to breath and say, “these experiences taught me things that nothing else could. I accept and am grateful for my mistakes for they make me the incredible person I am today.” Breath in love and acceptance, and exhale misery, pain, guilt and any other darkness you bear.

Remember, it has served its purpose and it is time to let it go. The past has nothing for you, the future awaits with more beauty than one can comprehend. The only thing you can gain from the past is knowledge if you accept it. It is nowhere near easy, but it is completely possible. Along with your “let go dance” I strongly encourage you to practice the exercise above. I know it has helped me immensely to let go of prior messes I made. If you allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in your past distress and fully accept them, then you will finally be able to follow your heart and dreams. Don’t let yourself hold you back.



2 thoughts on “Burning The Past

  1. Hi FreedomFaerie
    I really like this concept especially if you do the ‘let go dance’ around the burning pages of the writing you just completed…preferably in a safe place outside!
    Warm regards


    • Thank PathFinder,

      I am glad it was useful to you! You are exactly right, burning the pages outside is the perfect place because it allows all the energy to be released. I love the idea of preforming the “let go dance” around the pages. I didn’t even think of that! Thank you for your input.



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