In my mind I see your smiling eyes,

sometimes as blue as the sea tides or as green as the trees.


In my heart echos your familiar voice,

a tether to you, I hold onto desperately.


I can nearly imagine you here,

my head on your chest and my hand in your own.


Even if your lungs no longer fill,

your heart no longer beats, I tell myself you cannot be gone.


Come home, be with me, I need you.

This life was supposed to be lived with you in it.


My world turned upside-down,

my heart ripped apart, the moment no longer in your body your soul fit.


Never enough will I get of you again,

not even when you visit in my deep slumber.


I grasp for any part of you to keep me afloat,

alas, the tides of pain threaten to pull me under.


No trinket, no image, no cool sea breeze,

can replace your warm, loving embrace.


You are lost to me forever in the unknown,

never again with I see your comforting face.


Your well-deserved peace puts ease in my heart,

yet, still it weeps in overwhelmingly lonely sorrow.


If I should ever to be gifted a single wish,

I’d ask one more day with you to borrow.


Now, even as I sit here and mourn,

sure that the tears that fall will never cease.


I know you unquestionably watch over and protect me,

even while I lay in motionless sleep.


So, I will talk to you and I have no doubt you will listen.

And even in I cannot hear you in return


I will give you “Good-mornings”, “good-nights”, and “good-byes”,

and tell you each day what I have learned.


I will continue to ask for advice,

and come to you when my world feels as if it is crumbling down.


And will imagine me wrapped in your arms,

as you say – as you always do – the perfect thing foe me to reground.


So, although I ardently miss and need you,

and I have no doubt I will ever stop,


I will remember that you are with me always,

and love as much as Pooh loves his honey pot!


And although I’ll never see your eyes again,

sometimes as blue as the sea tides or as green as the trees.


Know that I love you with all I am, forever,

and you will always be my Daddy.



Freedom Faerie