A Place I Belong

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A Place I Belong

Sometimes the wind whispers secrets;

Secrets of lands unseen.

Lands not ridden with fear,

But with magic always near,

And music so wonderfully serene.

Sometimes the sea tells me tales;

Tales of creatures so enchanting and grand.

That live wild and free,

Together in great harmony,

Under a kingdom of loving command.

Sometimes the trees sing me songs;

Songs of a place far away.

Sweet melodies of lands of grace,

With castles marvelously enchased,

Standing under the glimmering moon’s rays.

Sometimes I dream of a land;

A land where I know I belong.

Where only love resides,

And I can dance freely with the tides;

For it, my heart deeply longs.

Often I fiercely wish to be there;

The place I hear of from the wind, sea, and trees.

Someday I will joyfully return,

To the beloved land that I yearn,

And forever I will be free. 

For now, only sweet visions remain;

Just out of the touch of my fingertips.

Knowing that someday these memories,

Will come truly to be, 

And no longer will I yearn so for it.

While I wait for the day to come

when I return to the land that I long,

I will listen to the tales of the sea,

And the words of the wind and trees,

And imagine I am in the place I belong.

When we are children we possess the incredible knack of creating marvelous worlds in our heads that we can escape to when this one gets difficult to exist in. As we grow into adults, those wonderful places begin to disappear as we find ourselves more deeply immersed in this world. However, as adults, when we need to escape from the trials that this world presents, we no longer have a place we can go in our minds to recharge, reset, and feel once again safe. Often we substitute this instead with unhealthy escapes; binge eating, chronic video gaming, drinking, sex, over-controlling, impulsive shopping, etc. 

We forget that the true cause of our suffering is not our external circumstances, but how we see the world through our mind’s eye. Many times we forget the magic that exists in each moment because we have lost the ability to see it as we did when we were children. When we are wired to simply survive, this can feel like a bunch of nonsense. But, when you look closer, you find that one of the best parts of living is living fully and relishing in the magic of the world we live in. I have yet to find a child that didn’t enjoy playing pretend or escaping to some fantasy universe! This gift of imagination can be one of the most special traits that we possess as humans, yet we use it in ways that create suffering. We find ourselves imagining that we will make a mistake while giving a presentation, or our loved ones getting in a car accident, or our significant other will break our hearts, etc. The horrors that are real in this world become ten times larger when fueled by our imagination. However…what would it be like if we could imagine more of the magic than the suffering? Perhaps our world wouldn’t be as scary.

I myself find that I easily slip into imagining the worst of the worst occurring; all the terrifying “what-ifs”. What my anxiety and fear is telling me is that I am preparing myself and by worrying I can actually prevent what I don’t want to happen from happening….not very sound logic! However, when I step back to look at what is really happening, I find that I am actually reaping the joy of living from my own self. Who knew we could be our own suffering! 

Don’t get me wrong, the world can be a difficult place to live in. It is almost as harmful to us to put up a blindfold and tell ourselves nothing bad is happening! This running away is the last thing that we want to do, as our issues always catch up with us eventually and by then they have grown. This is why instead of running, it is best to retreat for awhile. The difference is that when we retreat, we always return to the real world. When we run, we are looking for a permanent escape. Retreat can look very different for each person. For one person it could be a mani-pedi, or a yoga class, or even a gathering of all your close friends to relax and relate about all the bozos that you have come across during the day! However, one lost form of retreat that we were masters at in our childhood days is the retreat of the imagination. I personally revel in creating wonderful worlds and stories in my head even though I am no longer a little girl; which is probably why I have so many different ideas for novels floating around in my mind! 

The beauty that comes with imagining is that we can return to the real world whenever we want or need. In addition, I find that imagining helps me discover the magic that exists in the real world. For instance, I find myself frequently imagining myself in a resplendent fairy garden surrounded by beautiful plants and animals of all kinds. When I return from this daydream, I see that I have a template to create such a space right in my own backyard. Just as we can see creatures in puffs of clouds with an imaginative eye, we can see a whole new world if we just employ the eyes of the child that still exists within us. 

So, the next time you need a retreat, I invite you to imagine and take yourself anywhere you wish to be. If you have children, have them join in; creating a magical world you all can enjoy for a short while. And, when you return, bring some of that magic back with you!


Freedom Faerie


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